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Immersion course in Eastbourne

Immersion course in Eastbourne
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An immersion course in Eastbourne is the perfect way to make concrete progress, fast. From your first day, you'll be welcomed into our supportive learning community. All our immersion courses in Eastbourne focus on communication to get you speaking English quickly.

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EF English Courses in the UK

EF English Courses in the UK

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Learn English in an accredited EF school in the UK or enrol in academic programmes to gain English skills to prepare you for university or your future career.
Destination: United Kingdom
City: Eastbourne

Immersion program in Eastbourne

You can choose an immersion course in Eastbourne to match your language goals, whether you're dreaming of academic success at a UK university, a high-flying career, or simply confidence speaking English in a variety of situations. All of our Eastbourne immersion courses can be customised so that they fit your needs. This is your opportunity to learn to speak English and make some new friends from countries around the world. Choose your start date, duration, intensity, specific modules of study, and even where you live while you're here! We're ready to start planning your immersion course with you.

Accommodation options in Eastbourne

We want you to feel comfortable on your immersion course in Eastbourne, that's why we offer so many choices. One of the most fundamental choices you have is where to stay. You can choose to live with one of our friendly host families in Eastbourne who will welcome you into their home. You'll join them for breakfast and dinner each day, and spend the rest of the time with your classmates. This is a great way to perfect your accent and get a taste of an English way-of-life. If you crave independence during your immersion course in Eastbourne, opt for a hall of residence with other international students: ideal for making friends!

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