English immersion programmes in the UK

English immersion programmes in the UK
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Take advantage of being in the UK to sign up for an English immersion course. If you really want to boost your knowledge of the English language, there's no better place to do it. Our English immersion courses in England have been gaining popularity ever since 1965 - that's what we call experience!

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EF English Courses in the UK

EF English Courses in the UK

16+ years
2-24 weeks
in the UK
Learn English in an accredited EF school in the UK or enrol in academic programmes to gain English skills to prepare you for university or your future career.
Destination: United Kingdom
City: London OxfordCambridgeBrightonBournemouthEastbourne Manchester Bristol


14-19 years
1-4 years
Private high school
Study and live with students from 75 nationalities. Gain an internationally recognized diploma and access to a top university.
Destination: United Kingdom
City: Oxford

English immersion courses in England

A tried and true method to improve your English is to complete an English immersion programme in the UK. For centuries, the birthplace of the English language has attracted students from around the world to study in its many prestigious academic institutions, some of the oldest in the world. That being said, our English immersion programmes in England are far from traditional. We take the best of language immersion: constant practice and exposure to everyday English, and complement it with cutting-edge technology and innovative language instruction. As a result, you'll find yourself gaining confidence as an English speaker with each passing day.

Where to study in England?

England is a unique juxtaposition of multicultural metropolises and beautiful rural landscapes. We have English immersion programmes across the UK, so depending on your age and experience, you might choose to go to London and discover one of Europe's most cosmopolitan cities or explore the architectural charms of Oxford and Cambridge with their world famous universities. You can enjoy British beaches in Eastbourne or Torquay, or get a taste of history in Hastings. Regardless of which English immersion programme in the UK you choose, you will discover a country with ancient traditions, a deep love of football, and surprisingly comforting food.

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