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Get paid to teach English online with EF Teach Online. You can choose how much you want to work, based on your requirements and lifestyle. With our established and growing pool of students, you can select as many classes as you wish to teach.

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How many hours can you work per week?
Your potential monthly income for teaching 15 hours a week:
Please note: This amount is an estimate only, comprising the starting base rate, holiday pay and applicable bonuses.

Teach online and earn money for you

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We all have goals and dreams. Earn money by teaching online to help you start making yours a reality.

Whether you’re supporting your family, funding a passion project, or want to make a little extra on the side – teaching English online can help you achieve your financial goals.

Use our calculator to see how much you could get paid teaching English online from home.

How much do you want to earn each month?

Teach with us and get an 11-month contract with opportunities to renew.

We are responsible for your taxes, National Insurance, and pension contributions, so you can focus on teaching.

Check out this breakdown to see how much you could get paid to teach English online.


Base rate


(up to) per hour before Tax

All teachers start at £9.50 an hour but can make up to £10.90 an hour if they meet the following criteria:

  • £0.50 per Group and 40-minute Private lesson performance bonus, or £0.25 for a 20-minute Private lesson.

In addition, to the above supplements all teachers are entitled to:

  • 12.07% holiday pay for teaching and training hours
  • Voluntary company pension scheme with 3% company contribution