High school study abroad in the USA

High school study abroad in the USA
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When you decide to enrol in our high school in the USA, you're making a choice that will change your life. This exclusive international boarding school experience will expose you to students from all over the world and give you a first-rate American education at the same time.

High school study abroad in the USA

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14-19 years
1-4 years
Private high school
Study and live with students from 75 nationalities. Gain an internationally recognized diploma and access to a top university.
Destination: USA
City: New YorkLos Angeles

Attend high school in the USA

Leaving home and going to high school in the USA is a big step. It's not one many students take, but exposing yourself to a different culture so early is a real advantage when you look at the globalized world all around. Graduating from an American high school will give you a broader perspective on that world. EF Academy in New York has modern facilities, a high teacher to student ratio, and excellent graduation rates. Our students go on to study at universities in the United States and Canada primarily, with some choosing higher education back in their home country or elsewhere. Whatever your next step turns out to be, attending high school in the US won't prove to be a mistake.

Student life in our high school

American high school is a bit different from high school anywhere else in the world. There are lots of school sports teams, school social events, and a real sense of community. Our international boarding school in New York is very much in this American tradition, but with a twist. Many of our students come from abroad so they are adapting to American culture, some are working on their English, and all are living away from their families for the first time. All those students in transition can make for an exciting environment, but it's also what makes our community so tightly-knit. Come to our high school in the United States and you'll make friends for life.

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