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Spanish test

Free 15-minute Spanish quiz. Instant results.

Spanish level test

This 15-minute Spanish test estimates your level of Spanish from beginner to advanced. Instead of focusing on grammar or vocabulary only, this quiz looks at everyday Spanish communication skills.

  • Quick Spanish quiz. Instant results.

  • Check your level from beginner to advanced

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Understanding your Spanish level

Your Spanish level is unique to you, your learning experience, and the way you use Spanish in your everyday life (if you do). Taking a Spanish test is an easy way to get an idea of your Spanish level, but it's important to recognize the limits of any test in measuring the full complexity of your individual profile. Drawing up a list of the things you want to be able to do in Spanish (making presentations, traveling abroad, reading books, etc.) can be another way of looking at your Spanish level. In addition to a Spanish test, a list of goals can become the foundation of your Spanish study plans going forward.

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