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Korean level test

This quick Korean test estimates your level from beginner to advanced. It focuses on your overall Korean communication skills rather than vocabulary or grammar. Whether you've been studying Korean for some time or are just starting out, this test can give you a snapshot of where your Korean is today.

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Understanding your Korean level

Taking a Korean test is only one way to measure your Korean level. If you are studying Korean actively, you will notice that you are learning to say new things and coming to grips with more of the language as the weeks go by. When taking a Korean course, you'll also be progressing through the course levels, which gives you a sense of progress. As you study, your Korean level will evolve. Testing yourself from time to time is a useful way of tracking your evolving skills.

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Taking a free online Korean test is the fastest way to test your Korean level. For a more complete assessment, you can also sign up for a paid Korean exam, or you can find someone who speaks Korean well and ask them for feedback on your level, however, if they are not a teacher, they will only be able to give you a rough idea. Finally, if you sign up for a Korean course, you'll take a level test for placement purposes.

Although taking a Korean test is the most common method, there are different ways to measure your level in Korean. If you're studying Korean actively, you can keep a learning journal to help you track your progress over time. You can also use the CEFR can-do statements to evaluate yourself in terms of what you can do in Korean. CEFR self-evaluation grids are applicable to any language you are learning.

The most important thing when considering your Korean level is what you can do with your language skills. For this, the CEFR can be a useful tool because it has a list of different things you can do at each proficiency level, but you can also create your own list. In the end, the most important thing is what you want to be able to do in Korean. If your goal is to travel in Korea, that requires different language skills than if your goal is to work as a translator or watch Korean TV shows. These are all valid goals that require different sets of Korean language skills.

It depends on what your needs are, but the most widely recognized Korean exam is the TOPIK which is managed by the Ministry of Education in Korea. It has two levels, each of which must be taken separately. KLPT and KEPF are other Korean exams you might consider. All of these tests are lengthy, paid tests. They are the best choice if you need an official certificate, but if you just want to get an idea of your Korean level, they may be overkill. The best exam in that case may be a free online Korean test or a placement test prior to a Korean course.