Summer study abroad programs

Summer study abroad programs
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Our summer study abroad programs provide college students with a unique once in a life time experience. EF has been organizing summer abroad programs for 50 years, knowing the high expectations of our participants. Our summer study abroad programs involve a variety of exotic locations where college students can meet their international peers. Find out more now!

Summer study abroad programs

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EF Languages Abroad

EF Languages Abroad

10-18 years
2-24 weeks
Learn a language abroad in an all-inclusive group led by an EF Leader or on an individual, flexible-length course.
Destination: SpainFranceKoreaItalyJapanGermanyCosta Rica
EF Languages Abroad

EF Languages Abroad

18-25 years
2-24 weeks
Learn a language faster at an accredited EF school. Choose from 10 languages in 50 destinations. Start your course any Monday.
Destination: SpainFranceKoreaItalyJapanGermanyCosta Rica
EF Languages Abroad

EF Languages Abroad

25+ years
1-24 weeks
Boost your global career with personalised language courses in one of the world´s greatest cities. Designed for Adults and Professionals.
Destination: SpainFranceKoreaItalyJapanGermanyCosta Rica
EF Languages Abroad

EF Languages Abroad

50+ years
2-24 weeks
Take time for yourself with our language courses abroad designed for adults aged 50+. Enjoy varied lessons, and activities specially catered to your interests.
Destination: SpainFranceKoreaItalyGermanyCosta RicaSingaporeUnited KingdomUSAMaltaSouth Africa
EF Language Year Abroad

EF Language Year Abroad

16+ years
6, 9 or 11 months
Combine language and academic studies at a school abroad. Prepare for an official language exam and gain work experience.
Destination: SpainFranceKoreaItalyJapanGermanyCosta Rica


14-19 years
1-4 years
Private high school
Study and live with students from 75 nationalities. Gain an internationally recognized diploma and access to a top university.
Destination: United KingdomUSA
Hult International Business School

Hult International Business School

18+ years
Bachelor's, master's, MBAs
Earn a business degree at Hult, an independent award-winning business school with campuses around the world.
Destination: United KingdomUSAU.A.E.

Why study abroad in the summer?

Traveling and exploring the world is probably one of the best things to do, especially during the summer. But studying abroad is much more than that. You become a citizen of the world and get a second home in a new city, get to know a new culture and create friendships that last a lifetime. You'll learn more about yourself and grow as an individual, both personally and professionally.

A summer study abroad might feel like a dream, but EF can make that dream come true! Live as a local, learn a new language and experience the best summer break ever. What are you waiting for?

What summer abroad programs for college students does EF offer?

EF puts a strong emphasis on having programs that cater to people of all ages, which is why we have created our summer study abroad programs for college students. These programs give you the option to study specific subjects in order to be more career-focused and equip yourself with the skills needed to find employment that requires strong language proficiency.

Moreover, many of our summer study abroad programs for college students offer the opportunity to take part in volunteer work or an internship with a variety of international organizations, thereby advancing your language studies and career!

Frequently asked questions

Where can I study abroad this summer?

At EF you can choose from a variety of destinations, and no two are the same... From a summer study abroad program in Paris to a semester improving your resume in Barcelona, we have summer study abroad programs for every goal and budget.  What are the most popular destinations for summer study abroad?

What are my accommodation options while I'm studying abroad in the summer?

When you become a summer foreign exchange student, you have a few options when it comes to accommodation.

Summer study abroad with homestay

Feel at home by choosing to stay in our carefully selected EF Homestay, where you can immerse yourself in the culture by living amongst locals in a private home. Given their knowledge of the specific destination, host families can provide you with secrets that tourists can only dream of discovering. Find the best pizza in the city, or lounge on the softest white beaches in the most secluded regions. Your host family will be more than happy to provide you with this information over a traditional dinner, or a fun filled family activity.

Summer study abroad while living in a residence

If you prefer to live amongst your classmates, consider living in a residence during your summer student exchange program. Our residences are comfortable, secure and conveniently located close to the city center. Moreover, you will be able to make life long international friends while you explore historical sites and bond over your new experience as a summer exchange students.

Summer study abroad on a vibrant campus

Stay on-site, just steps away from your classes. You'll experience a vibrant campus life while living alongside students from over 100 countries. Enjoy the cafetaria, student lounge, sports facilities and more.

How much does it cost to study abroad for a summer?

It's all about location, location, location. For instance, when you decide to study abroad in Spain, you can expect to spend at least 600 euros a week for a full-time Spanish language course in Spain (660 dollars per week as of this article’s writing). Add to that the price of your round-trip flight to Spain (about 1000 dollars), and any travel in Europe that you expect to do before or after your summer study abroad.

You should also count on 100 dollars a week for transport costs, dinners with friends, museum tickets, and so on. Spain is not an expensive country as compared to Australia or Japan. On the other hand, when you book a summer study abroad with EF, tuition, accommodation, and meals are included in the offer:

  • 20, 26, or 32 language lessons per week (40-minute lessons)
  • Student residence or twin room with homestay
  • Digital learning material
  • EFSET Graduation Report
  • Access to EF Campus Connect from enrollment
  • Online pre & post course
  • Free Wi-Fi access at our campus

Why choose EF International Summer School?

  • Personalized courses - Build your perfect summer study abroad program by studying when, where and how long you like.
  • International network - Study the whole summer alongside classmates from over 100 countries. Develop your interpersonal skills.
  • Guaranteed progress - Our innovative EF Method will ensure that you make maximum progress while summer studying abroad.
  • Inspiring environments - Each of our International Summer Schools boast modern interiors, social space and welcoming staff.
  • Comprehensive experience - EF offers you a complete summer study abroad experience, including activities and excursions with full support around the clock.
  • Globally accredited - Our International Summer Schools meet the highest standards of excellence set by organizations respected around the globe - including the British Council, ACCET and Eaquals.

What do I need to do to enrol in a summer study abroad program?

If you're looking to break out of your routine and summer study abroad with EF, just submit the form to request a free brochure, or call or text our study abroad office to learn more!

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