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Learn Chinese

Learn Chinese, one of the world's most ancient living languages. From two weeks of intensive Chinese lessons, to a year studying at a Chinese language school, we have just the language programme to fit your needs. Learning Chinese in a Chinese city is the fastest , most exciting way to learn the language.

Learn Chinese

EF Language Year Abroad

16 + years
6, 9 or 11 months
Combine language and academic studies at a school abroad. Prepare for an official language exam and gain work experience.
Destination: China

EF Languages Abroad

18 - 25 years
2-24 weeks
Learn a language faster at an accredited EF school. Choose from 10 languages in 50 destinations. Start your course any Monday.
Destination: China

EF Languages Abroad

25 + years
1-24 weeks
Boost your global career with personalised language courses in one of the world´s greatest cities. Designed for Adults and Professionals.
Destination: China

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Chinese language school

Learning Chinese gets more important by the day, and as China continues to grow and take its place among the world's powers, the opportunities for Chinese speakers are becoming limitless. Learn Chinese at a Chinese language school as you begin to understand this magnificent and beguiling country. You'll learn faster when living in China because you'll be forced to use your language skills every day. You will also naturally focus your energy on practical Chinese skills, rather than the theoretical. So come learn Chinese using our intensive Chinese language lessons. You won't regret it.

At home in China

Going to class is only half the battle when it comes to learning Chinese. When you decide to learn Chinese abroad, you have a few options when it comes to accommodation. A homestay is a fantastic option for students seeking a fully immersive cultural experience. When you live with a Chinese family, you'll be using your language skills morning, noon, and night. If independent living is more your style, our student housing is modern & centrally-located: the perfect place to learn Chinese with other international students. Whether you're considering learning Chinese over a period of a few weeks or several months, we've got a place for you to call home.