Enroll in EF’s German Courses in Germany and discover the blend of Old World charm and innovative modernity in Western Europe’s most populous nation.

Germany will always be the land of charming medieval villages, fairy-tale castles and mysterious old wood forests, but the country’s embrace of modernity has shaped it into Europe’s major economic, artistic and diplomatic power. Bold architecture projects, cutting-edge design and an avant-garde contemporary arts scene now define Germany as much as its spectacular Gothic churches. Enroll in one of our German courses in Germany and you’ll see how the country’s rapid advancements haven’t come at the sake of a proud history. Discover the country’s festive spirit and taste for Bavarian cuisine at a fabled Munich biergarten. Watch sparks fly from the assembly line during a tour of the BMW factory. On the weekends, take in the spectacular cliff-side Neuschwanstein Castle or head to Berlin for a glimpse of Germany’s edgy capital city, where art, fashion and design mingle with historic landmarks.

Consider a German course in Germany at our Munich language school.

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