EF SET English Certificate

The EF SET English Certificate is a standardized English test used primarily for English proficiency certification. It tests reading and listening skills but not speaking or writing skills. Scores on the EF SET range from 0 to 100 and are aligned with the six CEFR levels. These scores can be published directly to LinkedIn as an official English certification.

Test structure

The EF SET English Certificate is a timed, 50 minute adaptive test, with a 25 minute reading comprehension section and a 25 minute listening comprehension section. The number of tasks per section depends on the test session because the test gets harder or easier depending on how well the student is performing. As with all versions of the EF SET, this version is available online for no fee.

EF SET content and psychometric specifications meet the highest testing industry standards, which is to say the APA/NCME Standards for Educational & Psychological Testing, 2014. All test questions are pre-tested with a standard population, analyzed, and calibrated to a common scale.