EF Green Teams

Staff step up to lead eco-friendly initiatives at EF & beyond

At EF Education First, our employees don’t sit back and wait for things to happen. They go out and make things happen. Take our EF Green Teams, for example.

In 2015, EF Lucerne staff with a passion for sustainability saw an opportunity to educate fellow employees about environmental issues. Their solution? To form what was later known as the EF Green Team, a staff collective focused on inspiring eco-conscious habits at EF and beyond.  

“It was clear we had a group at EF Lucerne that was passionate about the environment and wanted to get involved. EF Green Team gave this group a greater purpose. They could use this platform to educate and inspire other staff to make small changes in their everyday life for the greater good of the planet,” says Stina, one of the first EF Lucerne Green Team members. “I think most people want to do better, they just don’t know how exactly.”

They started small, promoting simple behavior changes among staff in the office to make a big difference. The office was soon updated with small signs reminding people not to use too much water, flip off the light switches, and bring a reusable bag when going lunch shopping, among other things.

A hit among EFers, the EF Green Team continued to build momentum. Soon they began hosting clothing swaps, sharing vegan recipes, making an environmentally friendly travel guide, and holding Earth Day celebrations. And they didn’t stop there. 

Over the years, this grassroots staff movement has grown into a global EF initiative. Today EF Green Teams are operating worldwide, all united by a commitment to impact sustainability.

With a focus on innovative ideas and outreach, these team members are helping EF schools and offices adopt greener practices and policies while also driving change in their communities.

With inspiration from our EF Green Teams, EF offices and schools have implemented initiatives such as:

  • Developing robust recycling and composting programs
  • Choosing environmentally friendly materials and energy sources, whether we’re sourcing backpacks or building new offices
  • Providing bicycle storage and showering facilities for employees who walk, run or bike to work at our hub offices and installing bike-sharing stations to promote cycling within our communities

We’re proud of what our EF Green Teams have accomplished so far, and we’re committed to continuing to work with staff, customers, and neighbors to create a more sustainable world for all.