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EF Stories: Matilde from Italy at EF Malaga

We asked our students to tell us about their experiences: what did they love most about their stay abroad? What activities did they participate in? What would they like to say to those about to leave? Here's what they told us!
EF Stories: Matilde from Italy at EF Malaga

I stayed in Malaga for a month. I chose the intensive course with accommodation in a host family. In 4 weeks, I went from knowing nothing to a B1 level. I can now confidently say I am comfortable speaking Spanish! It was a beautiful experience in every way. We took many excursions to nearby cities such as Ronda, Setenil de las Bodegas, Sevilla, and Granada, but also many in Málaga itself.

During these weeks, I loved many things, but above all, I loved the people. In Malaga, you truly feel the famous Spanish warmth and kindness, all set against the backdrop of the Costa del Sol's sea. Breathtaking views, amazing food, and welcoming people.

I participated in many activities during my study vacation. My favorites were the visits to the cities of Ronda, Setenil de las Bodegas, Sevilla, and Granada! In Malaga itself, we visited the Alcazaba and the Málaga Museum. Another typical and beautiful activity was the Friday Paella!

The most intense moment was the last night before leaving. I climbed to the top of Mount Victoria with some of the guys I befriended at the EF school, who over time became my close friends. It was indeed the night before we left, and together we climbed to the top and enjoyed the sunset, knowing it was our last day in that magnificent place. I truly left a piece of my heart there.

I've always been a very shy person. Before leaving, I believed I wouldn't make friends with anyone, especially considering it was only for 4 weeks. However, I changed my mind and made many friends. This experience taught me to "dive in" and open up to people. Now I can say with certainty that feeling fear is normal, but these are experiences to live through, and it's even better to start them alone, as it encourages you to meet new people. One must embark with an open mind, ready to have experiences away from the familiar home setting.

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