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EF Multi-Language Year Program

Take your program around the world

Combine a fascinating world tour with the amazing opportunity to learn up to three different languages in as little as nine months. This unique program is available at all of EF’s International Language Campuses in 8 different countries. Language options include French, Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin, Japanese and Korea.

Start any Monday of the year and decide how to divide your 36 weeks into six week modules. Imagine studying in Asia’s hottest cities (Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai) or exploring your passion for art in the world’s trendiest cities (Barcelona, Paris, Berlin). The possibilities are endless as you design your unforgettable year abroad.

Total tuition time is 17 hours and 20 minutes per week for General and 21 hours and 20 minutes per week for Intensive. Intakes every Monday, you can start your journey now and become a globetrotter.

Example: 2 languages, 2 destinations
Example 1: Barcelona (18 weeks) – Seoul (18 weeks)
Example 2: Tokyo (24 weeks) – Costa Rica (12 weeks)

Examples: 3 languages, 3 destinations
Example 1: Nice (6 weeks) – Rome (24 weeks) – Shanghai (6 weeks)
Example 2: New York (6 weeks) – Seoul (12 weeks) – Tokyo (18 weeks)