US High School Diploma

At our private US high schools in New York and Pasadena, you will take classes that meet the state education requirements for Grades 9 through 12. This means that when you graduate from our international high schools, you will have a nationally recognized US high school diploma.

US High School Diploma Overview

  • Academic Requirements

    Grade 9/10: Completion of Grade 8/9 with grades A-C
    Grade 11: Completion of Grade 10 with grades A-C

  • English Requirements

    Grade 9/10: IELTS 4.5 or 41/100 on the EF English Test
    Grade 11: IELTS 5.5 or 46/100 on the EF English Test

  • Locations

    New York, US 
    Pasadena, US

  • Program Length

    2-4 years (6-12 terms)

  • Exams

    Final exams are taken at the end of every school year to determine if a student meets the requirements for the class and grade level. Passing grades are required for the student to continue to the next grade level.

US High School Diploma Curriculum

The US High School Diploma is broad and flexible course of study covers math, science, humanities, English literature and the arts. This is a typical qualification for students applying to North American universities. Separate IB and IGCSE certificates and SAT exam preparation can be added to the program in order for you to highlight your unique strengths in university applications.

Grades 9 & 10:

- Geography
- History
- Critical Reading & Writing
- Combined Sciences
- Intro to Drama
- Foundations of Art
- Songwriting
- Physical Education/Health

These courses do not have an IGCSE exam.

Grades 11 & 12:

- International Business
- Global History
- Critical Reading & Writing
- Biology
- Chemistry
- Songwriting
- Studio Art

These courses do not have an IB exam.

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