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Study Abroad in Barcelona

Get to know the exciting side of Spain when you study abroad in Barcelona. This city has creativity and energy to spare. Improve your Spanish and enjoy the fun-loving Barcelona culture at the same time. All our study abroad programmes in Barcelona combine formal Spanish courses with activities and free time.

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Study abroad in Barcelona

You won't regret deciding to study abroad in Barcelona. Spanish has the second-highest number of native speakers in the world (after Chinese), so learning Spanish will prove useful in your future. Your adventure studying in Barcelona includes daily Spanish courses, a host of options like exam preparation, unpaid internships, or volunteerism, a calendar bursting with activities and excursions organized by the school. With all the essentials taken care of for you, you don't need to worry about whether or not your time in Barcelona will be worthwhile.

Absorb the culture while learning

When you study abroad in Barcelona, you’ll be able to improve your Spanish proficiency while you learn about Catalonian culture. With a colourful history, excellent food, outstanding art and music, shopping, and architecture, Barcelona will keep you fully engaged. In scenic beauty, Barcelona excels, as well. Visit Montjuic to see the Castle of Montjuic, the Olympic Stadium for the 1992 Summer Olympics, and the site of the 1929 International Exposition. Be sure to save some time for the beaches when you study in Barcelona. National Geographic recently named Barcelona the #1 Beach City in the World.