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Why you'll love EF Tokyo

Modern school located in the popular Shibuya area

Bright and modern classrooms with beautiful view of the Tokyo skyline

Classes in Japanese culture, history, and manga

Opportunities to practice Japanese with local students

Ghibli Museum tours, excursions to Kyoto, Nikko, Mount Fuji, etc.

Restaurants, cafes, shops and arcades surround the school

Excellent transportation network

Tokyo’s soaring skyline and manic pop culture can make it seem like a city out of science fiction, but at street level Japan’s economic capital is vividly traditional. Shinto shrines and an Imperial Palace mingle with karaoke clubs and manga conventions, and you can practice Japanese with friendly locals in the trendy shops and sushi bars of the Shibuya District, where our comfortable school is located.

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Modern, sleek school

EF International Language Center Tokyo
27F Shibuya Cross Tower, 2-15-1 Shibuya
Tokyo, 150-0002, Japan

Learn more, faster.

Guaranteed results. You’ll advance one level every six weeks – thanks to our innovative and personalized learning method that blends classroom lessons, interactive tools and cultural immersion.


    Gain a sound understanding of a language through a well-rounded course.

    • 14 general language lessons
    • 4 iLab Language Lessons
    • 4 special interest classes
    • 2 Lecture Sessions

    Beginner to Advanced

    Start date:
    Every Monday, year round

    2 to 52 weeks

    Online pre-course:
    from enrolment

    Online post-course:
    3 months included for all General English courses

    This carefully composed course is designed to help you move up one course level of ability every six weeks. EF’s General Course includes 26 morning and afternoon lessons taught both in the classroom and iLab – focused on communicating clearly in everyday language (total tuition time of 17 hours, 20 minutes). You’ll also benefit from 4 Special Interest Lessons, which focus your studies on the subjects you enjoy and help you reach your academic goals – whether it’s your destination’s culture or preparing for an official exam.

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  • Additional Language Exams

    Demonstrate your language level in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin or Japanese with an official language proficiency exam.

    • 10 TOEFL Exam Preparation
    • 10 Cambridge Exam Preparation Special Interest Lessons
    Le Diplôme d’Études en Langue Française (DELF)
    Le Diplôme Approfondi en Langue Française (DALF)
    Certificat Européen de Langue Française (Certificat de Français)
    Le Certificat Pratique de Français
    Certificat de Français du Tourisme et de l’Hôtellerie (CFTH)

    Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera (DELE)
    Diploma Superior de Español de Los Negocios (DSEN) and Diploma Intermedio de Español de Los Negocios (DIEN)

    Zertifikat Deutsch als Fremdsprache
    Zertifikat Deutsch für den Beruf
    Kleines Deutsches Sprachdiplom

    Certificato di Conoscenza (CLIDAS)

    Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK)

    Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT levels N3-N5)

    Contact us to learn about exam dates and testing locations.
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    Improve your new language skills in an international work environment.

    This program combines an internship of 50 hours or more with a minimum 4-week EF Intensive Course. During classroom time you’ll improve your language skills as well as learn CV writing and interviewing techniques. After class, you’ll perfect your new language ability by working in a parttime, unpaid position at a professional company. You’ll develop industry-specific language skills and gain valuable international work experience. At the conclusion of the program, you’ll receive the EF Internship Certificate.

    Available in:
    ll EF schools in the UK, Ireland, Malta, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Costa Rica

    Prefer a longer internship?
    Try our Internship Plus Program. Choose a 3+3 program (3 months of language studies and a 3 month internship) or a 6+3 program (6 months of language studies and then a 3-month internship). Ask us for more details.

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    Focus on how to communicate and enjoy lots of free time.

    • 14 general language lessons
    • 2 iLab Language Lessons
    • 2 Lecture Sessions

    Beginner to Advanced

    Start date:
    Every Monday, summer only (In Australia, New Zealand and South Africa summer is Jan-Mar)

    2 to 12 weeks

    Online pre-course:
    from enrolment

    Combine plenty of free time abroad with 20 morning and afternoon language lessons a week (total tuition time of 13 hours and 20 minutes) – combining General Language Lessons, iLab Language Lessons and Lecture Sessions. This course concentrates on understanding and speaking the language in practical situations. You’ll benefit from a comprehensive materials, personalized instruction and interactive classtime.

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  • EF Internship Plus Program

    Gain practical communication experience necessary for the workplace by combining 12 weeks of language study with 12 weeks of practical experience.

    Start Date

    Every Monday


    Upper Intermediate to Advanced


    12 weeks of language studies and 12-week internship.

    Course not offered in Canada

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